Monday, March 2, 2009


You just walked in my door, dripping wet from the hard cold rain and begin taking your coat off, kicking your shoes to the side as we begin to kiss and walk back towards the couch... I started undoing your pants and pulling them down... I use my soft silk like hands to gently pull your magnificent man meat out and begin to stroke as you kiss down my neck and shoulder stopping to bite me in several different locations, pulling the silky lingerie over my head, you finally BITE and suck on the back of my neck as I pull your hair with one hand and continue to caress your testicles and stroke your hard pleasing penis with the other, spinning you around and finally pushing you onto the couch where I continue to remove your pants and than remove your shirt, completely exposing your body to me, I stand back licking my lips and gently biting on the corner of my bottom lip as I look at you and think about how I have wanted and craved every morsel of your deliciously delectable person for the past week...Oh baby I hope you know that I don't just want your heavenly body, I want your whole being-spiritually, mentally, emotionally and pyhsically to connect with mine to reach ultimate euphoria... The very thought of you deep inside me and the lingering flavor of you finally overcome and I am not able to contain myself ANYMORE!! OH YES BABY!! I want you NOW!! I delve for your raging hard cock and gently place my soft subtle lips upon it tracing my lips with the tip and tasting the trickles of your manly juices, finally I begin to stroke the base in a slow rhythmic motion as I swirl my tongue around and up and down your shaft... I place my other hand on the soft sweet skin of your full round bottom giving it a gentle squeeze as I continue to slowly caress down towards your hole, teasing you with slight nibbles from the tip of your penis, I ask you if you like it and you reply with a "yes" barely breathing as you await for my whole mouth to engulf your big hard ravishing cock and than I begin to slide my mouth, lips, tongue and hands up and down and all around in complete rhythm like I am conducting a sexual symphony on your body... and than you sing in ecstasy as I tantalize your prostate oh so gently with pleasure beads... I take a treat out of my bag of tricks and perform one, heightening the pleasure and taste of you in my mouth, like adding ketchup to a hot dog... I stop for a moment to catch my breathe and look at you in front of me eyes coming back into focus, THAN... I go down again with harder suction and thrust till the tip of you touches my vocal chords and you reach another octave of pleasure sighs... knowing you are about to cum and I stop, I want to hit a level of sexual rage in you!! So you flip me over and begin to fuck me doggy style; hard and fast at first, slowing down to enjoy the feeling of my keagle muscle squeezing your rock hard member... than you take some warming lubricant and drip it from high above me down my back into the crevasse of my luscious ass still swiveling your hips and sliding your perfectly aroused penis in and out of my pussy now dripping wet as you begin to gently rub the lube around my hole making it nice and wet and than you slide from my vagina to my ass with your erotically charged unit - slowly, softly, sensually... you slide in and out of me gradually increasing speed and
thrusting deeper with your hands on my hips pulling me towards
you!! I straighten up to turn my head and nibble your lip and stick my tongue in your mouth.... You
push my head back down and spank me! I scream harder! harder! and
you slap my ass again with more force! oh gawd the feeling of you so deep inside me makes me cum, you slide out and slap the tip of
your wet hot penis against my pulsating clit and I cum some more
screaming FUCK ME FUCK ME! I want you, I want you in me! and you
slip into my hot wet throbbing pussy, fucking me MORE and swivelling your hips, oh fuck yeah baby you are driving me wild! you are almost ready to cum and I tell you to cum in my ass... You pull out and go back into my ass, I squeeze my ass together to tighten around your cock and you BLOW inside me! you blow so hard that its dripping out of me, the warmth and thickness of your juices drip down to my clit and I cum some more... But! You are still hard and we want more, no NEED more! So we take a drink of cold water and than pour the rest of it all over our hot naked bodies and go to the shower, we stand in there together lathering each other and you massage my shoulders kissing on the nape of my neck... We begin to kiss again and stumble out of the shower towards the bed, you are caressing my volumptuous body and I gently place the vibrating cock ring on you... I sit down on the bed and pull you towards me and use my lips to lift your penis up, it than rests upon my chin and I lick the tip as I grope your soft sensuous ass cheeks... than I take your cock in my mouth and begin to divulge in your taste again... Overwhelmed you to stop me and gently lead my body backwards, kissing me and caressing me... Being so sexually charged we can't seem to get enough of each other! You begin to kiss down my body, dripping lil drips of chocolate sauce all the way down my freshly washed wet body, licking and sucking it off of me... My back is arched in total enlightenment and I feel an enthralling excitement as you go deep flicking your tongue on my clit and teasing me with licking and blowing, you are so amazing my back is arching higher and my skin is tingling... your nose is tickling my clit and your tongue and fingers are making my pussy go into overload! I am going to cum! I scream OH YEAH BABY HERE IT comes! yeah FUCK! UHHHHHHH YEAH! and you suck on the sweet juices you have so graciously extracted from me, with cum all over your face you sit me up and I kiss you wiping your face off, nibbling on your ears... I than reach down and turn the vibrator on the cock ring on it sends a volt of energy threw you and you are hard and ready to feel my body close to yours again... you enter me and my body embraces the feeling of total erotica as the vibrator teases my clit we fuck in 5 different positions! I can't take it anymore I am so in need of knowing your taste and feeling you on my lips, we move back to a position for me to begin sucking on you and licking on you, all over your body! I just want to taste and devour your fresh magnificence; I suck and stroke, fast and slow,hard and gentle mmmmm I just can't stop! it is truly the greatest most addicting flavor to ever tantalize my taste buds I just continue to slide and suck, swirling and twirling your penis around and around in my mouth, slapping my face with your hard hot dick, you are ready to cum and I aim your juices to shoot in my mouth and than you blow and it shoots a lil on my face and in my mouth, I wrap my mouth around you as your body quivers and suck the remaining juice and licking the rest up because I don't want to miss a drop of you! We are finally exhausted after 2 trips to our nymphotic utopia... We lay together, entangled in each others arms talking about what our next adventure should include.... mmmmm yeah baby I crave you....


  1. bullshit what do u know about sex